Good To Be Home™ Fresh Berry Picking Scented Candle

Product Features

  • Summer-inspired aroma blends blackberries and cassis scent
  • Sleek design with silver lid complements any home décor
  • Contains natural essential oils
  • Easy peel-off label for a sophisticated look

Available In: 141g

Product Description

The delicious, welcoming scent of fresh-picked blackberry and sparkling cassis blends with sun-kissed petals for a hint of summer in your home. It all comes together in the Fresh Berry Picking Scented Candle from the Air Wick® Good To Be Home™ collection. Enjoy summer’s Cassis scent all year, while enhancing your décor with its sleek design. Place this summer scented candle in the kitchen, living room, or anywhere you need a burst of fruity fragrance.

Burn within sight.
Keep away from things that catch fire.
Keep away from children.
Keep wax pool free from debris.
DO NOT allow flame to touch glass.
STOP burning when 1/2 inch (12.7mm) of solid wax remains to avoid breakage.
Wick contains no lead.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. WARNING: To prevent fire or injury KEEP FREE FROM FOREIGN OBJECTS (e.g. MATCHES). DO NOT add essential oils. Never leave a burning candle unattended, near anything that can catch fire or for more
than 4 hours. Place upright on a flat heat resistant, non-electrical surface, away from draughts. DO NOT move or tip while lit or before liquid hardens. Glass will be hot during and after use. Extinguish by blowing gently. Always leave at least 20 cm (8”) between burning candles. DO NOT use if glass is damaged. Ensure candle is extinguished before replacing the lid. Keep wick trimmed to 1 cm (1/2”). DO NOT reuse. Discard after use. Wick contains no lead. Question? Comments? Call 1-800-888-0192 Customer Relations, Reckitt Benckiser North America. Parsippany, New Jersey.


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